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Ultimate Defence 2.0

Guide your defenders and make sure you're the one who rules your domains
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Ultimate Defence, is a strategy game in which your task is to keep everybody from crossing the path you are controlling, your defenders will be your primary option to finish any kind of enemy that attempts to cross your domains.

Your enemies will vary in shape and size, but not all of them are vermin, some are a bit cute, some are faster than others, and some stronger than others. You count with a total of six different types of defenders, each one with its own merit, the main differences are related to their speed, damage ratio, accuracy and distance coverage.

There are a lot of levels, which is why this game is very fun and entertaining, you can play it for several hours, plus it's a great challenge to see if you can pass so many levels with increased difficulty in every single one of them.

Another characteristic of the defenders is their ability to improve their attacks and velocity with time, its like a free and automatic upgrade through experience, you will notice your defenders changing clothing color which indicates they have been enhanced.

Use the mouse with a simple point and click motion in order to manage and control your defenders, some times the levels are very large and do not fit on the screen, in that case you need to use the arrow keys on the keyboard to move the camera to other areas of the map.

Guide your defenders and make sure you're the one who rules your domains.

Jonathan Palencia
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